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Worthless Checks

Each year, local businesses lose tens of thousands of dollars because of bad checks that do not have sufficient funds to cover the amount of the purchase. As a result, businesses are often forced to increase their prices to cover the loss of revenue caused by these checks, which directly affects other customers. The losses can sometimes be so severe that a merchant may have to go out of business. Business owners lose their livelihoods and employees of the business lose their jobs - Check Fraud Division

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We needed help locating the perpetrator and you found him hiding at a surf shop in Santa Monica!

Mary F,  Cedar Bluff

“…I want to thank the SIU for relieving of the distress.  I had to file the papers to prosecute. seven days after I contacted your office I was reimbursed. I appreciate the thorough job that was done and I thank you very much…”

J W, Woodridge

“…I spoke with  and he’s making arrangements to initiate surveillance on subject tomorrow and through the weekend if necessary. Defense counsel has advised we can submit evidence on Monday rather than Friday.
Thank you again and please relay my thanks for your quick action. I’m always impressed with your community service …”

TK Supervisor – Liability

“…Hello, I am interested in contacting Agent S again. He uncovered a ring of fraud that returned our missing assets. Thank you for your prompt reply, …”


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